Play Billy Joel Music and Songs on the Piano

Wow! This artist writes some of the most amazing music I have ever heard! Billy Joel music does in fact seem to have that effect on people!

One interesting point is that Billy has mentioned that for the most part, the music is written first and then the lyric is composed to coincide with the music.

This would be the opposite approach to the typical Elton John method where his collaborator Bernie Taupin,writes the lyrics first and then Elton follows with the music.

Regarding Billy Joel music in relation piano tabs, an accomplished pianist like Billy Joel will have, for the most part, the exact piano arrangement he creates committed to memory, but for help in having the song "arranged" by Billy and his band, the piano tabs would then be used for communication between band members, a sign post if you will as to where the music is at any one instant.

Billy Joel-Keyboardist, Vocalist, Songwriter Billy Joel!!! Wow! What can you say except just a tremedous talent overall. Certainly, one of the most influential pianists in the last 100 years.

To top that off, also one of the most revered songwriters, vocalists and performers of our time! While he as professed to have "switched" to purely classical music, recent "Greatest hits" tours and prior tours with Elton John have kept him on the Rock conrcert circuit.

Billy was the host of the year 2000 "Piano Grand!" concert and for several years, has also conducted music seminars throughout the U.S. in both colleges and concert halls. While his lectures are both inspiring and informative, if someone would actually like to embark on a journey, to actually try to play the piano as he does, you need the right "vehicle" to enable you to do so!

That's where this course comes to the rescue! With this course, you'll have the skills required to play any Billy Joel music using Billy Joel Piano tabs and people will consider you a virtual expert at the keyboard as you play his wonderful music!

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Musical Background

Billy Joel comes from a musical family- his father was a concert pianist and his mother was a vocalist in Gilbert and Sullivan productions. Billy began with classical piano lessons and his disdain for having to practice his lessons(sound familiar?) actually inspired his skill at songwriting as he would get around learning his lessons by making up new music which would sound eerily similiar to the composer of piece he was supposed to have learned!

Besides his formal training, his love for all forms of music such as R&B, traditional rock, show tunes and classical and supplemented with years and years of experience with club-date/garage bands all played a significant role in his "musical education".

Billy Joel on keyboards

While Billy is primarily a pianist, he has played everything from his favorite B-3 Hammond Organ to Wurlitzer electric piano, Mini-moog synthesizers, Fender Rhodes pianos and a host of others on his albums.

While his musical training and extraordinary musical ear have all shaped his piano playing skills, the fundamental basis of all his playing is the tried and true "Pro-style chordal method" which is what is what the whole "Play Piano Like a Pro" course is all about! With Billy Joel lyrics and piano tabs, you're well on your way to playing like a real pro, Billy Joel!

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