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Elton John music is actually a product the dynamic songwriting team of Bernie Taupin and Elton John. Elton John music can be considered some of the most moving and memorable music and songs in modern pop/rock history. One of the most notable attributes of Elton John is his extraordinary ability to endear his audience even more through his frequent live concert performances.

Elton John has usually only written the music whereas Bernie Taupin has penned the majority of lyrics for their songs. However, Elton has most definitely written some great lyrics on his own. Elton must also obviously be quite proud of his collaboration with Tim Rice in the smash Broadway show "Evita"! A documentary entitled

"Two Rooms" explored the creative collaboration of Taupin/John and described how their songs are in fact, written in two separate rooms- the lyrics by Taupin in one and the music to follow by Elton in the other. A rather uncommon practice for songwriters but certainly not unheard of.

Elton John, again, like Billy Joel, would be considered one of the most influential pop/rock pianists in the last century. Also like Billy Joel, it would be safe to call him a "musician's musician" - that is, a musician who is admired by their fellow musicians and almost always requires good, sound, fundamental musicianship underlying any outward flamboyance and personal charisma.

Like Jerry Lee Lewis, his over-the-top performances often puts his brilliant pianistic skills in the foreground. While people like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard are considered as "rock piano pioneers", Elton's entry into the pop world in the 1970's initiated the beginning of the "pop/rock piano ballader" and as such, was responsible for influencing countless amateur and professional pianists from that time forward including even the likes of people like Billy Joel and Bruce Hornsby.

Elton showed musical talent at a very early age and began his formal musical training with a scholoarship to England's Royal Academy of Music. Just recently, he donated a generous sum to his musical alma mater to foster musical excellence in that institution.

Elton began his professional career playing in local pubs throughout England. His playing incorporated influences such as Rhythm and Blues music, blues, gospel, rock added of course to his classical musical roots. Recent tours included a double-bill with Billy Joel, though he has followed that by resuming his solo career with his own band.

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