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Paul McCartney songs are some of the most beloved and well known songs in modern history
A Paul McCartney song during the Beatles era was usually a co-written collaboration with John Lennon.

Paul McCartney's songs can be considered as influential upon modern pop and rock music as Rogers and Hammerstein or George and Ira Gershwin, etc. would be for the effect those composers had on popular music from a previous era.

As with all great song collaborators, McCartney and Lennon were able to "feed off" each others creativity and genius and their divergent personal styles were able to compliment the efforts of the other musician. The other interesting point to note is that McCartney has gained significant notariety for both the Beatles and Wings and a solo career whereas the other Beatles were more renowned from only their solo work in the post-Beatle period.

Paul McCartney-Musician, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter

The multi-faceted talents of Paul McCartney has shown just what a brilliant, creative individual this artist is! McCartney is a brilliant bass player, piano player, drummer and vocalist besides his genius at songwriting. His instrumental abilities most certainly facilitate his writing as they do for any musician.

Paul McCartney- Pianist More than likely, even McCartney would admit that he is essentially a guitarist. However, he is also a tremendously proficient keyboardist as well and it's safe to assume that his guitar talents have facilitated his skill at the keyboard.

With the Beatles, many unusual keyboard instruments were used such as The Mellotron, clavinet, harpsichord, not to mention the more popular Hammond organ and harpsichord. On Beatle recordings keyboard parts were also covered with the likes of George Martin or Billy Preston though McCartney certainly handled the majority of parts.

While basically a self-taught pianist, McCartney's keyboard styles were influence by Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Fats Domino and even producer George Martin.

While his keyboard parts would not be considered to be as intricate or complicated as a Billy Joel or Bruce Hornsby part, he is able to create a perfect match always, to blend in with the other instrumental and vocal parts- the sign of a very thoughtful musician and arranger.

Paul McCartney songs will come to life for any aspiring pianist by using Paul McCartney piano tabs and as one becomes proficient at using this musical blueprint, the same musical short-hand notation that McCartney and the Beatles used in developing and playing their own songs, one can begin to emulate the performance style of a great master!

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