75 Free Piano Lessons!

This series of 75 lessons is divided by level of difficulty, advanced, intermediate and beginner. There are questions and answers sections to stimulate your thought process, diagrams to clarify the lessons and lastly, exercises to actually start playing piano using professional techniques.

My goal with these lessons is twofold: 1 ) Teach you basic keyboard skills at whatever level you are at or desire to be at 2) Hopefully, impart a new way or different way of looking at these learning skills deviating perhaps just a bit from traditional teaching strategies. After all, many of these lessons are discussed in countless music theory books. But the goal here is to give you a “pro way” of looking at these skills and learning points.

{Under Construction}TABLE OF CONTENTS


Getting Started!

  1. Piano Fingerings
  2. Black and White Keys
  3. Bass and Treble Clefs
  4. Note Reading
  5. Rhythms
  6. Posture at the keyboard
  7. Using a Metronome
  8. Listening to Music
  9. Why beginners quit?
  10. Finding Middle C
  11. Music Symbols
  12. Intervals
  13. Triads
  14. Beginning Ear Training
  15. Contrary/parallel scales
  16. Beginner Study Books
  17. Sightreading Skills
  18. The "12 keys"
  19. Sharps, flats, naturals
  20. Keeping a steady tempo
  21. Learning the 88 piano keys
  22. Alberti bass
  23. Hanon studies
  24. Playing easy scales
  25. Broken chords



Pre-Pro Style Piano!

  1. Inversions
  2. Playing Octaves
  3. Voicing Chords
  4. Arpeggios
  5. Major Scales
  6. Minor Scales
  7. Sheet Music vs. Lead Sheets
  8. Chord Symbols
  9. Lyrics and Chords
  10. Dominant 7th chords
  11. 6th Chords
  12. Major 7th Chords
  13. Family of Dom7 chords
  14. 9th, 11th, 13th chords
  15. Suggested study books
  16. Classical reading secrets
  17. Intermed. ear training
  18. Choosing a keyboard
  19. Determining the key
  20. Circle of 5th and 4ths
  21. Piano Superstars
  22. Slash Chords
  23. 2 Handed Chords
  24. Memorizing chords
  25. Using the Metronome again



Professional Piano!

  1. Voicing "Pro Chords"
  2. Pro Chord Substitution
  3. Chord Progressions
  4. The Famous II,V,I
  5. Pentatonic Scales
  6. Pro Blues Scales
  7. Playing Blues Songs
  8. Harmonizing a melody
  9. Scale Tone Chords
  10. Runs and Fills
  11. Advanced Play by Ear
  12. Classical Piano Tips
  13. Country Style Piano
  14. Rock Piano
  15. New Age Piano
  16. Improvising at the Piano
  17. Left Hand and Bass notes
  18. Piano Tabs
  19. Piano Resources
  20. Transcribing "records"
  21. Real World Pro Piano
  22. Song Structure
  23. Singing and Playing
  24. Boogie Woogie
  25. Private lessons