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Teacher, Pianist, Author David Seagal

In 1992, David Seagal, author of "Play Piano Like a Pro" and www.instantpropiano.com, began to write down the basic technique and knowledge a beginning piano student would need if they were to attempt to learn to play pro-style piano. For classical training, he realized there was an overlow of training materials available but not so for pop style piano lessons.

The information was then going to be in the format of a book until a friend of his suggested that perhaps people might prefer viewing a video versus plowing through a detailed book. Soon thereafter,the filming began for the video that is now featured on this site.

Having been through the gamut of every possible type of private music instruction added with his affinity for music method books, he attempted to bridge the gap between the "best" way to learn, namely person-to-person private lessons with what one can learn solely by utilizing an instructional piano lesson book.

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