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Use Piano Tabs to Play Any Song on the Piano!

Start Playing any song using the Piano Tab Method!

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With the Expert Piano Tabs Course you get . .

----an Audio cd to show you everything you need to know about piano tabs such as:

**Including: How to Not Suck when playing songs using piano tabs

It's is easy playing songs with piano tabs. So my job is to make sure instead you sound great with piano tabs and not like a beginner. This is exactly what I do with with my private students! I'll do the same for you!

----Song examples to play using Piano Tabs

----Written notes taken right from my private lessons that show you step by step how to proceed when using piano tabs.

----Piano Tabs versus Fake books and lead sheets. Which is better? What are the differences between them?

----Googling songs for piano tabs. The pitfalls, the advantages, etc.

----Using piano tabs when playing with your band!

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