My Instant Pro Piano Story

We have an instant pro piano player in our home. OK, he’s not a pro yet but he could be some day. My husband bought our son a piano for his tenth birthday. This was one of the many presents that he received from the family. I often saw him entertaining himself in his room by playing the keys and just making noise. Then one day, I told him that he could learn how to play a piano without having to hire a real teacher. He was quite intrigued at this and when I told him about websites that offer free piano tutorials, he was really impressed.

I didn’t think much of it and wasn’t sure he would follow my advice, but soon enough I noticed different sounds coming from his room. It was no longer just a case of making noise, but rather it was making music!!!

And then, one day he rushed into my room and told me to leave whatever I was doing and sit down. I did so and he told me to close my eyes. He then played for me the most beautiful music I have ever heard in my life. For me it was greater than any Beethoven or Mozart, because it was my son. He played Bryan Adam’s ‘Everything I do’.

I asked him how he had learnt it and he told me that ever since I gave him the idea of internet lessons, he had been taking time out everyday and learning. In two weeks, he had learnt about cords and substitution, melodies and finger placement and so on. This was his first song and he had practiced it a lot for two days so be could play it perfectly for me.

I was so happy with his achievement that we both went out to Baskin Robbins’s to celebrate. I loved my son for working hard and learning a new skill or talent without parental guidance or tutorial monitoring. I admired him for his persistence and hard work and realized he would go a long way in life.

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