Learn to play any song on the piano starting your first week of lessons!

The "Play Piano Like a Pro" course is a complete DVD course and with a bonus e-book. It consists of 5 steps that guides the student to achieving pro status at the keyboard. The 5 steps are divided into lessons, 30 all together.

Here's a sampling of what this 30 Lesson DVD course includes: You will learn...

*** The advantages and shortfalls of using sheet music

*** How to use intervals and chords and the difference between them

*** The basis of a "chordal approach" to playing piano

*** How to have perfect posture at the keyboard: - how to sit; arm and hand placement and posture

*** An easy-as-pie method to identify every key on the keyboard

*** 5 Finger exercises that every professional pianist uses!

*** How to use a metronome like the pros do to learn songs, chords and develop an astounding piano technique!

*** Every single chord symbol to enable you to play from fakebooks, lead sheets and even sheet music

*** How to practice any chord

*** How to learn every chord that appears in any song

*** The difference between inversions and chord voicings

*** Using lead sheets to play any song.

*** How to work up a song- using fakebooks/lead sheets or sheet music

*** How to create a lead sheet like the pros use

*** All about song organization - verses, choruses, bridge,etc.

*** All about song patterns - AABA ABAB etc.

*** How to use scale tone triads to write songs and help you learn songs on the piano

*** Chord substitution: Turning bland chords into "killer sounding" chords

*** Special chord technique: Crossing hands to play chords

*** Learning the basis of fingerings

*** Left hand bass technique

*** Playing the melody with 3 different, yet powerful ways!

The complete 5 step DVD course "Play Piano Like a Pro" is now "The Super Combo Pak" and comes complete with

1. 5 step, 30 lesson 2 DVD course
- DVD #1
- DVD #2
(4 hours total viewing)

2. 175 page complete e-book complete with extra bonuses

3. 300 picture piano chords in all 12 keys

4. 27 page Booklet with all charts, music theory, chord symbols

all for only $57
(plus $7.95 S&H)

So, what are you waiting for? Why not order the complete DVD/e-book course and gain quick access to the "Play Piano Like a Pro" learning system!